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    About the Foundation
    “Maarifchi” Student Loan Foundation was established on 14 October 2015 under the initiative of the Ministry of Education which engaged number of higher education institutions and universities. The Foundation policy is aligned with National Education Development Strategy of Azerbaijan:
    - Section 3.1.7.of the Strategy Action Plan (5.14) commits to develop “financial mechanisms for the expansion of educational opportunities, including the creation of a system of student loans.”

    The main objective of the Foundation is to create equal higher education opportunities for students from low-income families, who experience problems with paying their tuition fees, through providing long-term low-interest loans and grants to them.

    The Foundation’s mission is to provide free and equal access to the higher education through the provision of concessional loans and grants for the students from low income families.
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    Activity directions
    Fond operates in two directions to achieve the goal:
    - To organize the provision of privileged student loans to students from low income families for funding to support educational expenses of students by authorized credit organizations operating in Azerbaijan

    - To organize the provision of grants to students from low income families for funding to support educational expenses of students by diverse organizations and individuals
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    Shareholder Universities
    1. Azerbaijan University of Languages
    2. Azerbaijan State Economic University
    3. Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry
    4. Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
    5. Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
    6. Azerbaijan Technical University
    7. Baku State University
    8. Baku Slavic University
    9. Ganja State University
    10. Sumgait State University
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    Partner Universities

    1. Lankaran State University
    2. Khazar University
    3. Azerbaijan State Agricultural University
    4. Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts

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    Student-selection process for granting scholarship

    The students are selected according the following general requirements:
    - be a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
    - currently study at one of the higher education institutions which is the founder or partner of the fund;
    - be in real need for financial assistance to continue education
    - study field (covers all fields, unless it is specified by the Donor)
    - grade point average – GPA (above 70 out of 100).

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    Loan products provided by the Fund

    Tuition fee
    Living costs
    Research and Development costs

  7. 7
    Since 2016, the Foundation has signed 136 contract with students in the amount of 223,687 AZN (132,925 USD).

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    Audit of financial statements
    The Fund started its operation in 2016. Currently, financial audit for the fiscal year 2016 is being conducted. The audit process will be completed in June.
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    Our presentations about the Fund

    WB MOE Conference 08Feb2017 - Maarifci Presentation ENG
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